Saturday, 17 May 2008

another competition entry (or two)

In typical fashion I'm spreading myself thin this month

First we have the washed up superhero character competition - I'm going for a trailer trash style, smoking while pregnant wonderwoman (Orthos and first WIP below). The floral housecoat will come later and there's a distinct possiblity she'll end up wearing flip-flops.

We also have the speed sculpting competition. You have to learn z-brush these days and this is helping me force myself into it. I'm about two hours into the sculpt so far with two hours left.



Jackie said...

Hi i reach your blog from 3d total, and i like ur job every much.

i thinking of learn some box modeling skill, i wonder is it any tips or tricks to lay a smooth mesh and after we add turbosmooth or meshsmooth and it still look good like you do in all your works?

i hope you could understand my poor english.

Best regards.

John said...

simple answer - don't box model :)

This tutorial shows the same basic method I use to build organic objects - my workflow is different but close enough.