Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's been a while

Yeah - I almost forgot I had a blog but somebody from 3dtotal mentioned it.
this is likely to be an image heavy post since I have actually been fairly constructive outside of work.

Don't get the wrong idea, I've been constructive there too but I'm sure there's some sort of NDA attached to it - wonder if it'll go away inlight of the closure and subsequent reopening under a new name...

Also - I done bought myself a new computing device from the dell outlet centre. I can categorically state that a Dell precision t5400 is a very powerful computer - even after you've crippled it with Vista.
The best part? a quadcore xeon, 4gb of quad channel memory and a gtx260 cost me less than 800 notes.

anyway - to what I loosely define as "the art"....

First up, I finally won something. Something being the low-poly comp on 3dtotal. You can probably tell it's not actually finished if you look closely and as ever I don't think I quite captured the charm of my concept..

I did a little more work on the scary naked lady robot too. She's not been getting my full attention due to these competitions, Stalker:clear sky and far cry 2 but work has commenced on the high-poly, I have a strategy for normal map generation and I think I know what I'm going to have to do with the rig.

I started this for a bit of sculpting practice - I'm hoping to get a nice render or something out for my son Ted since he's quite keen on dinosaurs.

And finally - the 3dtotal halloween comp. This is the first full zbrush focused workflow I've tried. I'm intending on doing the bare minimum in max and photoshop on this one cos I want to teach myself to use zbrush properly. I've also decided to pop out of my comfort zone a bit and create something that doesn't have it's tits out
There's still a couple of weeks or so to go so I'm hopeful about finishing in time...