Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I painted a hippo


theBAZco said...


Lightning said...

Poopipe..finally. first off sorry, this has nothing to do with hippos.(I know I'm dissapointed too). Life story; randomly searching the web, I got directed to 3dtotal forums, where I first saw it...machine female WMD thing.(lol) read the whole thread (don't know why so much interest). Afterwards went thru a lot of trouble to make an account, just to give kudos and maybe inspiration.. to which I found out, cannot post on thread anymore. And to my dismay, I realized i dont know how to send msgs on 3dtotal..Got redirected four different times just to leave you a message. (Really hope this gets to you) don't know if you got a name yet for that thing(lady-holder)gratuitous nudity) but wanted to say please keep going..for my sanity. Unless u did already. Thread goes to right after the shoe/boot problem. Had some good ideas for that, or at least wanna see newer/finished version. Sorry for messaging you like this but found no other way. If interested in replying, hit me up on 3dtotal, under FAMOUS_ninja. Or if need be message me W/ yahoo. Under (don't know why I'm just seeing this.(2014)) keep it up!!