Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Something a bit clever

I won with the witch !!


My colleague Ian Wilson has posted these example videos on Vimeo to demonstrate how clever his Emotion AI engine is - I won't go into details here since you can find out more at but he's written a little brain that you can plug into a character to give him actual, genuine feelings and reactions to stimulus.

The reason I've posted this here is that I built the head and the 50 odd morphs required to support all the emotions. I also ran the custom head through Facegen which allowed us to generate a (theoretically) vast range of different faces without having to redo the facial morphs.

Anyway, here we go

Emotion channel mixing from Emotion AI on Vimeo.

Push button facial animation from Emotion AI on Vimeo.

100 Smiles from Emotion AI on Vimeo.

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Rafael said...

hey there matie, you have a pretty nice blog! congratz :D